Can someone tell me exactly why people don’t like John Green? I’ve heard some people tell me he’s great and inspirational and other people tell me he’s a shitty person spreading really horrible ideas but I can’t find specifics on either

And I don’t want to read before I know because I tend to be really bad about picking up on problematic things until they’re pointed out to me

He’s a male writer writing about a teen romance. People who don’t find corny stuff romantic will appropriate their opinions into social justice arguments. “It’s a metaphor” was really corny, but people are making it sound neckbeard-y.

There’s not much real dirt on him anyway, and he admits to his mistakes and is generally very good at remembering what’s correct. I reblogged a post a while ago that talked about his supposed “faults,” but I think they’re overreacting to innocuous statements out of context.

I’m so done with the shit that bronies do. I don’t even want to call myself one because it just seems like all the rest of them are neckbearded, perverted, whiny bitches.

Never call me a brony, please, for this reason. I just watch the show.